Saturday, November 01, 2014

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

 Master Splinter. Let us simply say that this is a miniature with very little detail! Still, a quite easy figure to paint. I thought the face turned out quite well.
 Shredder and his Foot Clan ninjas. Shredder was also an easy figure to paint with some pretty fair detail on his bladed accessories in particular. The Foot Clan were challenging insofar as their limbs really cried out for some painted-in detailing, although their clothes and bug eyes were quite fun.
I found the comic book at my local library yesterday and thought the orange made for a good contrast, especially on the green of the Turtles.

Next time, April O'Neill. I'm trying hard to resist painting her up as a kind of Tank Girl analogue.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Foot Clan

Thats the first of the evil henchmen. Foot Clan Ninjas. Equally capable of doubling up as Foot-bots once the Kraang tech transfer gets going.

I must start thinking about that game-in-a-box idea.

I wonder if my Space-Hulk floor tiles might be useful.

Thursday, October 30, 2014


 I've been sliding into a bit of a painting slump recently, so I decided to paint something fun.
 I bought these figures about six months ago after reading a fun blog entry on painting them.
 They are cheap, mass market plastic figures that come with a "My Busy Books" book/game thing for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
 I got a couple of the books for about twenty dollars. Each has about a dozen figures in them. The Turtles are the best detailed - only fair! they are the heroes, after all.
I've a Master Splinter and a quartet of evil Foot Clan Ninjas on the blocks with Shredder and April O'Neill coming up behind them. The trick with painting these is to paint the detail on what are fairly simple figures. The next trick will be to base them up on some suitable 30mm bases. I'm thinking of some of those resin, textured types. There are plenty of "streetscape" or cobbled ones for a sewer effect.

Now I just need to come up with a game-in-a-box for them. probably something invoving pizza or mutagen.

And, yes, I am a fan going back to the olf 1987 cartoon series and , no, I have no intention of seeing the movie whatsoever!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Clearing the Desk

I have I think a working surface that is about 120cm by 60cm.

It is completely covered in various bits in odd stages of completion.

I have decided it's time for a bit of a focus on cleaning things up.

Nothing new until the back of this is broken.

So, to begin, I painted these:

A pair of Spencer Smith plastic artillery pieces to add to my Imperials.
 I played about with a couple of different approaches, but in the end, the white undercoat seemed best with the yellow carriages. And I was pleased with the "naive" style of the nails or rivets or whatever they are called.
I am very happy with how the gun barrels came out.

Next I'll get cracking on my ECW cavalry. I have eighteen that are about 95% done. Shall we say about two hours' work?

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Christmas in Safi?

LCVP and crew
 That's the plan, at least.
LCVP and LCM III - both by Frontline
These landing craft are on the one hand cheap, and on the other a bit rough and require a bit of sanding and filling to bring them up to a decent standard before painting them. Recommended on the whole.
 Gunners. More are in preparation; I am waiting on more Raventhorpe heads to arrive here.
 About two-thirds of a battalion of Tirailleurs du Maroc. I need another ten and the batallion staff. Getting there quite quickly. The twenty figures here took only a week to plough through.
 The odd red chechiy'ya is left uncovered for effect. Very dashing!
 And of course, Pook's carbineers. I will be starting to prep up another ten light cavalry as my next batch for painting.

Friday, September 05, 2014


No pics yet, but the following WiPs are that close to being done.

* For the Safi/Torch project, the "Bernacole" and a handful of crewmen. Does anyone make 20mm US sailors in dixie-cup hats? I needs a few. The superstructure on the Bernacole needs doing and am waiting for a few bits to make the forward gun platform to arrive.
* Ditto for the Safi project, some Vichy artillerymen and the first of my Moroccan Tirailleurs.
*Another nine ECW Cavalry. Carabiniers, or light cavalry, I suppose. Butt of weapon braced on the thigh. Fairly quiet horses, which is a relief. They've been a while in the painting, but came together in a rush at the end as the lining-in was done. Really just need gluing to their horses to be done.

On the Hinchcliffe ECW cavalry, I am rapidly becoming a Gilder fan-boy. So much is revealed as you go on painting the castings; yet the "so much" is just enough. One might say so much and no more. Or even  - an elegant sufficiency. The castings are perfect and respond so well to acrylic washes on a white undercoat.
 I like them more and more.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Isi Godolo and Pals

Just a little eBay find
Cheap too, just like me.

I recall reading that numbers of Zulu girls would follow the army out for a day or two providing some logistical support until their food ran out then they'd make for the old home kraal.

Willie figures, of course, the breasts are unmistakeable.