Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Why We Fight

 A few shots of the climax of the raid on Fickmuhlen.
 Much happiness here with regards to the look of the thing.
 von Browne's Foot in reserve under the watchful eye of the general himself.
 The Dragoons, awaiting their role as spoilers.
 The damned, useless guns.
Many, many thanks to Ross and Stokes for helping make this battle possible. Happy New Year to us all.

Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Long Live Borduria!

For some time I have been rather curious as to what went on in Alzheim in that period between the wars.
And I'll admit, rather inspired by this.
At the same time too I have accumulated a reasonably-sized force of Slovak troops along with a few Hungarians and Romanians, all from the Raventhorpe  ranges and whom I have been looking to put to wider employment than they currently have been.
I also have a liking for the old KP kits of 1/72 aircraft, especially those of the interwar Czechosloval air force.
So I think we can see where this might be leading. I’m imagining a small conflict between Alzheim and another party in about  1930. The issue would be over the possession of a small stretch of the border country in order that some group of lost brothers and sisters be reunited with their brethren across the border as they had been since time immemorial. This was I believe the fashion of the time.
I’d probably use the Rapid Fire rule set.
I regard this as an opportunity to build up a few kits in the stash and have a little Tintinesque fun.

UPDATE: I was poking about last night and found the following pictures.

Noble Alzheimer Tanks

Alzheimer (even nobler) infantry

Vile Bordurians

Vile Vordurian Armour

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Never Sell Your Toys

For you shall someday want them again.

About three years ago I had a large pile of plastic Spencer Smith ACW Infantry, Cavalry and Artillery.

There was probably enough of everything to build complete armies for the Union and Confederate sides. With sufficient leftovers to do things like staff groups, crews for paddle steamers, fortress gunners, engineers and all that.

Naturally I sold it all off as I had decided to do ACW with my Tradition 25s. At the time a difficult decision as I had really liked the look of John Preece's collection shown in The Wargame Companion and absolutely agonised over the choice.

Now of course I've gone and looked at the pictures again and thought well, you know what, I'd really like to do a few.

Learn from my sad example.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Experiments with Flats

I've recently been playing around with an idea for a war game inspired by Harry Pearson's article in MW after the change in management.

As you can see, I've been trawling about on German eBay for flats.

I'm not getting too hung up on figure ratios and all that sort of thing. As far as I am concerned, one stand is a squadron, battalion or battery. To my eye about four cavalry look good, as do a dozen infantry or a single gun.

Things are not too far along at the moment; I'm really just playing around with the aesthetics of the thing. That said, I envisage using mini dice to record combat attrition. I also envision using written orders that may be deviated from through the expenditure of initiative tokens. Different armies might have different numbers of them to expend per turn. I would expect the Prussians to have more than the Austrians who, in their turn might have more than the French.

Any feedback would be highly valued.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Valiant Miniatures Fallschirmjager

 I have a deal with my nephew.
I give him figures. He assembles them. I paint them and hand them back.

Here's the latest batch. Rather enjoyable to paint in the old wash and line technique. But I should have painted their chin-straps... And I wish they had more riflemen options and replaced at least some of the MG42s with MG34s

Sunday, September 06, 2015

A Diversion

Due to some home renovations severely impacting my available hobby space (!) I've consequently downsized my hobby efforts. This state of affairs ought to last until about Christmas.

So, then, i needed something o occupy my hands and mind but which needed to be quite self-contained. I have had a small collection of 54mm knights from the first "Knights of Agincourt" Britains range that have been nicely recast by Dorset Soldiers. These are pretty suitable for painting one at a time out of my small painting tray.

So, of I went and here's the first fruit. Sir John Chandos.